OMS Engineering Design studio made up of engineers specializing in the industry Design and manufacturing of industrial plants and expert systems Design of thermal and acoustic soundproofing and heat insulation systems for high and low temperatures Design of special industrial machines to service production lines


Aspiration of dust, fumes and vapors for any type of industry.
Crushing and refining machines of paper, cardboard, capsules, granules, abrasive materials, etc.
Toxic and corrosive gases and PVC fans and stainless steel fans.
Automatic filters and sleeves in pressure washing, wet.
Air-material separators.
Helical and centrifugal fans, standard and special for each flow and pressure.
Dial-shaped industrial furnace furnaces, steam, resistors, thermoregulated.
Post-combustion plants.


Thermal insulations for high and low temperatures.
Industrial soundproofing systems.
Silent cabins and acoustic barriers.
Soundproofing of environments.
Electrical and steam tracing.
Soundproof ceilings.


Air conditioning and outdoor air-conditioning systems.
Thermal conversion adjustment with conversion to different fuels in use.
Supervision systems for plant regulation (optimization).
Cogeneration plants.
Ventilation systems.
Industrial hydraulic systems.
Steam and superheated water systems.
Refrigerating systems.
Heating systems.

The Company

For over 40 years, OMS Engineering has accepted the challenge of quality by paying close attention to innovative materials and systems by developing a careful study of production processes. A team of experienced, proven technical staff has offered and offers customers a high-tech know-how. The range of OMS systems that always embraces the aspiration and air conditioning sector has now expanded in the field of thermal insulation and acoustic treatment. The support of the modern workshop equipped with specialized staff places OMS among the industry leaders in the industry, providing the ultimate flexibility of solutions tailored to every need.

The aim was to meet the broader plant requirements, in full compliance with current regulations regarding safety and the protection of personnel and the environment. A constant service of prompt intervention, highly professional technical support and a strong presence on the market are the best guarantee of reliability that OMS offers to its customers.


Creation of an aspiration system consisting of suction lids serving a 13 meter long metal pickling tank.
Plant capacity: 30.000 mc/h
Plant use: h 24; 365 days
Pre-existing system: push-pull system with axial fan inside the chimney.
The covers are all independent and actuated by hydraulic pistons.
The position of the lids, by using an inverter on the fan, determines the actual suction capacity of the implant according to the configuration of the lids themselves.
The configuration with all closed covers (c. 95% of annual operation) results in an energy saving of 70% compared to the maximum capacity of the new plant and c. 80% compared to the replaced plant.

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